frequently asked questions

What is the recommended age for Imprints especially for a baby?

We have taken imprints from just days old. There is no age limit either, we can include imprints with Grandparents.

Is it safe to have imprints taken?

The baby/child’s hand or foot is pressed into a soft earthware clay. Imprinting requires a slight amount of pressure however it is pain free and takes literally seconds to do.

How long does the appointment take?

The appointment from start to finish takes about 30 min, but sometimes for multiple orders we need a longer appointment.

What is the difference between Ceramic Imprints and store bought DIY clay kits?

A ceramic is made out of clay and permanently hardened by the heat of a kiln. A professional ceramist/potter is specially trained to work with firing and glazing ceramic tiles/pieces. Our products are built to last, made using the best materials and handcrafted by experts. Air drying clay kits are more commonly used for craft projects

When will my imprints be ready?

The completed order is ready in approximately 3-5 weeks.

Which areas do the imprint artists go for home appointments?

We service Portsmouth and surronding areas, if you live outside these areas please contact us to enquire.